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We solve investment property problems, one family at a time.

Who We Are

About Us

Investment Property Solutions was created to assist Hawaii families with their Commercial and Residential investment property challenges. We provide families who are facing real estate problems with sensible and financially sound solutions that relieves stress and restores investment assets to working as they should.

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What We Do

Our Services

Put simply, we help families solve problems with their investment real estate. The solutions we provide are grounded in proven, commercial grade investment analysis which gives families the peace of mind knowing that their decisions will be based on financially sound principles and prudent investment practices. We are versed in both commercial and residential investment real estate with local and off island options, giving families access to a broad range of solutions.

Common Challenges

We Assist Families With

Increase cash flow from underperforming investment properties

Investment properties underperform for a variety of reasons. Problems like below market rents, current or pending vacancies…

Reduce or completely eliminate day to day property management duties without reducing cash flow

There are many benefits AND responsibilities to being a landlord. Dealing with tenants, property upkeep, lease negotiations…

What to do with inherited investment properties

Inherited investment properties can come with a steep learning curve and …

Smoothly pass assets to heirs to avoid fighting

Passing assets to heirs without proper planning can have devastating consequences…

Build wealth by maximizing investment returns

Real estate is a proven and time tested way to build long term generational wealth…

How We Do It

Our Process

We’ve created a process that empowers families with the information, education and confidence to make the most informed decisions for their investment assets.

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Property problems can range from straightforward to very complex and there is no “one size fits all” solution.

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Proper analysis serves as a solid foundation for good decision making.

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Action is necessary to convert good advice into a great solution.

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Contact Us Now

If your family is experiencing problems with your investment real estate, contact us for a complimentary consultation

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