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What We Do

Investment Property Solutions was created to assist Hawaii families with their Commercial and Residential investment property challenges


What We Do

Put simply, we help families solve problems with their investment real estate. The solutions we provide are grounded in proven, commercial grade investment analysis which gives families the peace of mind knowing that their decisions will be based on financially sound principles and prudent investment practices. We are versed in both commercial and residential investment real estate with local and off island options, giving families access to a broad range of solutions.

Increase cash flow from underperforming investment properties

Investment properties underperform for a variety of reasons.  Problems like below market rents, current or pending vacancies, bad leases and the inability to upkeep the property are some of the more straightforward challenges to deal with while issues like mismanagement of assets, tenant relations, internal family dynamics, or the loss of a family member run deeper and can be more complex and challenging to resolve.


Whether a client wants us to address a relatively straightforward problem or walk them through a more complicated situation, we take the time to listen, ask key questions, and outline solutions to restore investment assets to peak performance.

What to do with inherited investment properties

Inherited investment properties can come with a steep learning curve and unfortunately are not packaged with an accompanying “How To” manual. The constant demands of landlording combined with the complexities of tenant relations, current or pending vacancies, lease structuring, property upkeep and financial management can quickly cause an investment asset to spiral out of control. 


If you’ve inherited investment property and are running into challenges, it may be warning signs that the type of property isn’t the right fit.  We walk our clients through the different types of investment properties and demonstrate how a better aligned asset or alternative investment strategy may ease the burden of being a landlord and restore your investment asset to working like it should.    

Reduce or completely eliminate property .webp

Reduce or completely eliminate day to day property management duties without reducing cash flow

There are many benefits AND responsibilities to being a landlord.  Dealing with tenants, property upkeep, lease negotiations, move ins and outs and the day to day management duties are all burdens that landlords shoulder. While hiring a professional to do the management has its appeal, some owners choose to self-manage to avoid the associated cost and reduced cash flow. 


Wouldn’t it be ideal if the best of both worlds were possible?  We show our clients ways to maintain, and in some cases improve, their cash flow while reducing or completely eliminating the chore of managing an investment property.  

Smoothly pass assets to heirs to avoid f.webp

Smoothly pass assets to heirs to avoid fighting

Passing assets to heirs without proper planning can have devastating consequences.  Heirs fighting over assets can tear families apart and assets that were meant to provide a legacy of prosperity can become the centerpiece of conflict for generations.  


We show our clients options on how to ensure their assets are transferred with care that preserves the benefits of the assets and safeguards family relationships.  While no plan is 100% foolproof, we outline solutions to give our clients peace of mind that their investment assets will work for their family like it should, doing good and not harm.  

Investment Chart.webp

Build wealth by maximizing investment returns

Real estate is a proven and time tested way to build long term generational wealth.  We teach families how to use their current investment assets to their fullest capabilities thereby maximizing their wealth building potential. 


By using the “4 Drivers” of real estate wealth, we show families how to tap into each driver and rev it up to maximum capacity. 

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